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      Title: Belle (A Tangled Royals Book #1) Author: Anonymous Girls Release Date: March 28th 2017 Genre: Young Adult | New Adult | Contemporary Cover Designer: Jessica Hildreth | Creative Book Designs Dear Reader,   Isabelle “Belle” March is a nobody. A nothing. A Peasant. No one even knew who she was until one of the Royals, Adam “Beast” Castle, decided she was hot enough to ignore the hierarchy at our school—a hierarchy I myself set in place. I run this school, and the Upper East Side, too. Here at H.E.A., we stick to a strict social status, something most of ManhattanRead More →

Hello Readers, As some of you might already know, we’ve begun sending out some emails to some authors and bloggers, hoping to find people who will join us in our endeavor to start a secret journey to publication as a team. We appreciate all the positive feedback we’ve been getting, and even the not-so-positive, because everyone knows that a true Royal must have thick skin to survive. (you’ll get that reference once you read the book) We have a lot of emails to send, and it’ll take time, but we wanted to shout out to all you Royals out there that love a good mysteryRead More →

Hello, Royals. You’re going to want to know who we are, but that’s a secret we’ll never tell. Buckle up, and get ready for the ride. XOXO, Anonymous GirlsRead More →